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Admissions open for Short Term Diploma in Acting - Hurry up Limited seats only.


RFS was founded in October 2008. The principal vision behind this initiative, which continues to animate its everyday operations, is to give back to the film and television industry and the society; an institutional frame work for the formal training of directors, cinematographers, designers, technicians and actors who will enhance the standards of Telugu Cinema and Television. The guiding norm is to treat RFS not as another business venture but to foreground it as an extension of the munificent activities of the Ramanaidu Charitable Trusts.  This is the simple reason why our fee structure is lower than any other professional private film school in India as we would like filmmaking talents to emerge from any home in the region or the country.

RFS is a long cherished dream of SURESH PRODUCTIONS, which with its decades of experience & know-how will soon be celebrating its golden jubilee in 2014




Always had dream of Acting and I very thankful for making me reach my dream.


One of the best place to learn and implement.

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